NINGBO FULLFAST METALWORKS CO.,LTD In NingBo.Zhejiang.China, Ningbo is the fourth largest port city in global throughput, it has fixed routes to 600 ports in the world. convenient sea transport makes the world apart from us, just across the water. From Ningbo to Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport just 2 to 3 hours' drive, even make the distance between us only a step away.

NINGBO FULLFAST METALWORKS CO.,LTD is a company specialized in high strength fastener. engaged in fastener industry for 12 years. Focus on the operation and manufacture of carbon steel, alloy steel, weathering steel, copper material. Product related the national standards such as ASTM, ANSI, DIN, ISO, AS, GB. Etc. at the same time, we can design and manufacture the satisfied product according to the customer's needs. Our products are widely used in the fields of construction, petroleum, chemical, wind power, railway, machinery manufacturing and engineering burying. Our products are sold to Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, and so on. Long-term cooperation makes us progress. The product standards of all countries can be used skillfully and effectively used in actual production.

NINGBO FULLFAST METALWORKS CO.,LTD provide about 18000 tons of high quality fasteners for the fastener market each year.We strictly guarantee that every batch of products is certified by ISO9001:2008 quality management system,including packing.Each production process of the product has a fixed professional inspector on the spot inspection.Ensure that every shipment can be delivered to each customer in high quality.Our inspection operation can better improve the efficiency of service,and quicker to stop the problem.Bring better service quality to customers and eliminate waste.

Ningbo Fullfast Metalworks Co.,Ltd manufacturer and export products include various different specifications and types:More...

Material:SAE1035,SAE1045,SAE5140,SAE4140,ASTM A242,S.S304,S.S316,
Surface:Black,Zinc,Dacromet,Hot dip galvanizing,Mechanical galvanizing,PTFE(Xylan),Zinc-Nickel Alloys